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Dr Pankaj Raina

India has an advantage of learning from the global e-Health implementations that have taken place in many countries like Australia, Singapore, says Dr Pankaj Raina, PE&CE Principal, Accenture India

Dr Pankaj Raina, PE&CE Principal, Accenture India

Dr Pankaj Raina,
PE&CE Principal,
Accenture India

Please tell us about your current operations in India and your expansion plans.
India is one of the largest Accenture geographies and healthcare is the major focus for Accenture globally and in India. We are partnering with clients in India not just for strategy but to work as partners in implementation.

What are your views on government regulation or any other challenges faced while entering or operating the Indian market?
The government is proactively working to provide the guidelines for standardising the patient records. One of the things was by laying down the guidelines for EMR/EHR for providers. The existing technology infrastructure is challenges as that are basic need for any e-Health roll out. Second challenge we see is the interoperability guidelines between various providers (Public to Private, Private to Public), providers and payers, state and centre ministries and regulatory organisation. Current system is working in silos and there is manual exchange of information leading to with time lag.

Please comment on emerging trends and new technologies.
India has an advantage of learning from the global e-Health implementations that have taken place in many countries like Australia, Singapore. India healthcare organisations do not have to deal with legacy systems so we see them implementing solutions, which are mature and time tested. Evidence based protocols enabled clinical application is going to drive the quality and monitor the delivery of care better than before. Patient connecting with the healthcare system is going to be driven by mobile devices, for services and for monitoring the various disease specific parameters. This will lead to enormous patient specific clinical and behavioural big data generation.


What are your views on the price sensitivity of the Indian market, and how does your company counter this problem?
It is true that Indian market is price sensitive, but that is true for every organisation that we are competing with. What makes us stand out and overcome this challenge is that we have offerings where we have invested earlier and those offerings fit into the market needs, which are able to offer at competitive price. We also have pricing models, which are unique and relevant in markets like India and offer a win-win proposition.

What are your companys offerings?
Our company provides end to end solutions for payers and providers. We structure our offerings across the following business services-

– Health administration
– Health management
– Clinical services
– Connected health
– Health back office (Functional)

We offer management consulting, technology and out sourcing solutions across the nosiness services for healthcare clients.

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