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Bharat Health Organization or www.bhorg.com is a unique initiative in the field of online healthcare in India. The start-up healthcare company with its head-office in the countrys IT hub Bangaluru is all set to revolutionise the healthcare dispensing in a fundamental way. No more umpteen visits to hospitals and endless wait for doctors. Doctors are now just a click away from patients. The portals healthcare services were launched for public on 7 February, 2014.

Gargs bhorg.com connects doctors and patients beyond boundaries and acts as a one-stop solution for preventive healthcare. The BHO is an organization formed by professionals who have joined hands for the cause of promoting better healthcare in the country.

What makes bhorg.com an attractive proposition to its users (BHO already had a reliable data base of doctors and hospitals for its customers), its range of health management tools. These tools offer health reports, free consultation, treatment discounts, tax benefits, and much more, and all online.

A sign of increasing popularity of the idea among doctors and people engaged in healthcare in the country, the organisations network today covers virtually specialists doctors like General Physicians, Pediatricians, Orthopedics, Gynecologists, Cardiologist, Dermatologist, ENT, Neurologist, Ophthalmologist, Oncologist, etc.

eHEALTH in conversation with Manas Garg

1. What is Bharat Health Organization?
Bharat Health Organization (BHO) has been established to provide access to High Quality yet affordable Health Care Services in India. Understanding the dynamics of the Health Care Market where a common man is suffering from more critical infections/diseases day to day, forcing him to spend quite a significant amount of his hard earned money on regaining his health. BHO claims not only to help people to decrease their expenditure substantially but also to provide them with quality healthcare services across India

2. How is BHO different from other health organizations?
Bharat Health Organization strives hard to bring Healthcare of International standards within the reach of every Individual. We are committed to the achievement and excellence in the field of Healthcare for the benefit of Humanity. Health being a priority for the citizens of India we focus on healthy living and also making a difference in the lives of people. BHO is the only Organization, which is known for providing the Indian population ease of access to highest quality of Health Care Services at minimal costs.

3. What are the various services that BHO provides to its customers?
Preventive Health Care service being a major focus we provide Family Doctor Consultation, Home visit for blood test, Home delivery of medicine, Discounts up-to 50% in partnered Medical institutes with BHO, Online Consultation, Health tips via email/SMS, Reminder Service (Reminder for Medicine, Reminder for Health checkup, Reminder Donating blood etc), Free health checkup for gold & platinum members & a free consultation per member with the Medical units tied up with BHO, Storage of health records Online and many more.
We have special packages designed for kids & corporate members. (Exclusive)

4. How did you come up with the idea of an online health portal?
During my accident period I had to regularly visit the hospitals but even after booking appointment had to wait for a long time because the booking system was not organized. Day to day medical expense was high which are not covered by most of the insurance company. Most of the insurance companies do not cover post hospitalization medical expenses, which are very expensive, and in cases where it is covered the premiums are sky high. That is when I thought of an online portal that will ease the hassles of common man.

5. Do you think that it will be successful in India where the percentage of Internet users is still very low?
Although the percentage of Internet users is small, India being highly populated even the small percentage comprises of a huge number. BHO targets users who are busy in work life and dont have much time to manage their health and most of these users are well versed with Internet. When most of the services are sold online which includes shopping, why not health services?

6. What are the various steps you undertake to increase awareness about healthcare in India?
Health awareness programs are the best way to enlighten people about the necessity of staying fit & healthy. These programmes help to stimulate knowledge of various health risks, or focus on disease prevention. Through BHO we try to do best to spread this knowledge. Using our health blogs that covers a wide range of topics, anybody can browse through the interested areas and get health updates. BHOs Newsletters with latest health updates about any issues, cure or prevention techniques also are one of the best ways to create awareness. Informing and educating people through social media, forum discussions and sharing testimonies of the actual patient and their family members talking about their experiences, physical & emotional status and what could be done in order to avoid certain situations.

7. Why do you think video consultation will be more effective than face-to-face check-up by a doctor?
Video consultation will help many patients who are unable to take appointments & wait for their turn for consultation. Sometimes the family may stay far away from the doctor with whom they have consulted & will be unable to meet them, in such cases video consultation will be useful rather than travelling from one place to another. Also if the far away relatives want to track their family health it is very useful. Example: a son staying in USA wants to know about parents health he can have a video consultation and keep a track on it.

8. What are the different memberships that you provide?
We have silver gold & platinum membership plans, which are customizable according the individual needs. Example like a family can buy silver/gold/ platinum membership depending on the size or a couple can buy couple plan for silver, gold or platinum.

9. In which all cities are you currently operating?
We operate PAN India. Currently in Bangalore, Delhi, Pune, Hyderabad, Chennai, Gurgaon BHO has its presence.

10. Do you provide good standard doctors who will be available throughout the treatment process?
We work for the welfare of our country and the health of the citizens are our priority. At BHO we keep up-to-date on all medical industry standards and practices and emphasize the same to our empanelled medical practitioners. We continue to work towards securing a better health future for the country. Our credentialing committee must give approval for all medical practitioners who join our network. This gives our members confidence when choosing a BHO empanelled medical practitioner because they can rest be assured that only superior medical practitioners are accepted into the network. BHO requires all medical practitioners to meet the credential standards before being admitted to the network. A medical practitioner will be assessed at certain intervals to maintain the quality benchmark. Our strict credentialing policy gives our members peace of mind and a high level of contentment in choosing a BHO empanelled medical practitioner.

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