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Conversor Pro Launches an Affordable Listening Device

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Conversor Pro is an affordable assistive listening device that offers users the versatility to enjoy the most out of everyday life. Conversor Pro is the perfect hearing companion for anyone with a hearing difficulty. It is designed for easy use with Telecoil-equipped hearing aids and cochlear implants or with binaural headphones or earphones.
Hearing aids compensate for the lowering of sound level by amplifying sound. However, most hearing aids are unable to replicate aural focus due to the way they pick up and amplify all of the sounds surrounding the wearer.
Conversor Pro helps you to focus on desired sounds, near or far away, filtering out unwanted background noise up to 30 dB, and greatly enhancing sound level and clarity. By removing background noise, the desired sound is much clearer and more intelligible, even in noisy environments. By increasing the available sound level, less strain is placed on hearing aid amplifiers, eliminating distortion and feedback.
With Conversor Pro, you can take a more active part in everyday listening situations, without the frustration of not hearing properly. It enables easy listening and relaxed conversation anywhere you happen to be – whether in the classroom or office, at social gatherings, driving in the car, out shopping, or at home.
â–º Designed for comfortable and discreet use
Conversor Pro consists of two lightweight components “ a microphone/transmitter and a pendant receiver.
The compact, wireless microphone/transmitter provides enhanced sound level and clarity up to 50 metres (150 feet) from the user indoors. Outdoors the transmitter can be placed up to 100 metres (300 feet) from the receiver. It can be held in the hand and pointed directly at the desired sound source; placed on a suitable surface in close proximity to the sound source; or worn by a speaker moving about the room. With TV and audio cable accessories supplied, it can also be connected directly to a TV, stereo, VCR/DVD/CD player, or computer, for enhanced hearing enjoyment.
Users can focus on the sounds they want to hear by selecting their desired mode of hearing – using the zoom or directional setting for focused hearing and one-to-one conversations or the omni-directional setting for group discussions and social gatherings.
The pendant receiver is worn by the user around the neck, either above or discreetly beneath clothing, and sends the much improved sound received from the transmitter to either a hearing aid, cochlear implant, or binaural headphones/earphones, which are easily plugged into the receiver.Both the microphone/transmitter and pendant receiver are quickly rechargeable for up to ten hours of continuous use.
Conversor Pro can be used with Conversor Pro Recorder as a wireless recording system for recording lectures, discussions and meetings

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