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Care World Tv Launches Wellness Mall

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Care World TV, Asias only satellite Health Channel, has announced the launch of Wellness Mall, Indias first e-Wellness Mall, today.

The first of its kind initiative, will provide information about preventive, curative and nutritive products across 8 broad categories: Body Care, Personal Care, Diet, Sexual Health, Fitness, Health Care, Supplements and Faith Healing. There are various products under each category that a consumer can choose to buy from. The portal also intends to cover vegan products (strict vegetarian) very soon.

Ask The Doctor is another unique online feature that will be shortly launched on the Wellness Portal. Users can just enter their number and connect to a doctor in real time. Consumers can actually talk to doctors and get full information of the medicines/products they intend to consume. They can avail of expert advice free of cost.

Health and wellness have emerged as important lifestyle balancing aspects of every Indian citizen. With ever rising stress levels and scarcity of time, wellness is no more confined to physical health but covers mind, beauty and soul as three other essentials. After running Care World TV for so many years and understanding various health problems in our country, I thought its time to extend Care World TVs gratitude to the society by making the entire health industry available to the masses with just one single click, says Mr. Ajit Gupta, Managing Director, Care World TV

“There’s very little knowledge and information about traditional, natural and alternative medicine in India, says Mr. Gupta.

He further adds, “We don’t know what benefits these age-old remedies can offer us. We don’t know where we can get them. Hence quacks on the streets tend to step in and make a quick buck while duping the innocent.”

Care World TV also announced the launch of the biggest and the grandest Wellness Expo to be ever convened in India as a part of overall strategy of informing and educating the Indian consumers about all the nuances and developments within the wellness sector. Participated by some of the best-known national and international brands, the Expo will showcase over 12,000 healthcare, beauty and wellness products and services. It will be held on 24th and 25th of August 2013 in Mumbai.

The Wellness Sector in India is expected to touch Rs. 950 billion by 2014 and grow at a Compounded Annual Growth Rate of 18%-20% as per a report by PWC-FICCI (PricewaterhouseCoopers “ Federation of Indian Chambers of Commerce and Industry). The sector size was estimated at Rs. 590 billion in 2011 recording a growth of 20% over the previous year.

An exciting future lies ahead of us. Discoveries, new drugs, emergence of neutraceuticals and advancement in alternative therapies are changing the face of the sector. A platform like ours will help the industry evolve and connect the missing dots between manufacturers, consumers, doctors and knowledge collators. Consumers will be updated and educated with the availability of the latest and newest therapies, drugs, neutraceuticals and other treatments. Medical experts will guide and steer consumers, concludes Mr. Gupta.

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