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We are happy to share with you that Elets Technomedia Pvt Ltd would be conducting a feasibility study to assess the need of developing a portal and magazine on eHealth for African countries.


In general, the term eHealth denotes the application of (Information and Communication Technologies) ICTs across the whole range of functions which, in one way or the other, affects the health of citizens and patients.

The topic of eHealth has been getting a lot of attention lately and growing numbers of experts believe that eHealth“the innovative application of emerging information and communications technology in health systems“will fuel the next breakthrough in health systems improvement. Recognizing both the promise and the challenges of these new technologies, the Rockefeller Foundation has launched an effort to identify new methods of using eHealth to improve health systems, with a spotlight on low-resource settings. The Foundation is helping to broaden the use of eHealth by supporting the development of public-private partnerships, new capabilities, and best practices for interoperability, privacy and security.

WHO has urged African nations to embrace eHealth because it can contribute to health systems strengthening in several ways by improving the availability, quality and use of information and evidence through strengthening health information systems and public health surveillance systems, developing the health workforce and improving performance by eliminating distance and time barriers through telemedicine and continuing medical education, improving access to existing global and local health information and knowledge, and fostering positive lifestyle changes to prevent and control common diseases. The recent WHO World Health Report summarises the inequity of health provision in Africa; “the African Region has 24% of the burden but only 3% of health workers commanding less than 1% of world health expenditure.”


eHEALTH magazine and portal (, launched in 2006 in India, is currently the only healthcare ICT magazine and portal in India, Asia, Middle East and Africa. The magazine is on a mission with a futuristic note; to disseminate information on technology changes in healthcare and communicating that to all stakeholders -physicians, patients and industry through a web portal as well as in print. eHEALTH has been well received in this region and has had a crucial impact on the implementation of ICTs in healthcare.

eHealth adoption in Africa is at a very nascent stage and governments across the region have only recently started gearing up to find ways of using eHealth tools and technologies as effective means for extending healthcare services to the masses. A key challenge, therefore, that African countries need to urgently address is limited awareness about eHealth.

With this backdrop, Elets Technomedia Pvt Ltd jointly with Centre for Science Development and Media Studies (CSDMS) would be conducting a survey with the aim to examine the need to develop online and offline channels keeping readers informed about the aspects of medicine and public health in Africa, including socio-economic, political, ethical, legal, environmental, and cultural issues.

Your participation represents a valuable contribution to the feasibility study, and we thank you again for your cooperation.

Guidelines for filling the Questionnaire

This quick and easy questionnaire will help us to examine the user perspective on the need of having an eHealth portal and eHealth print magazine for African countries. The questionnaire is very brief and will take about five minutes to fill out. The guidelines and instructions to fill the questionnaire are clearly mentioned below:

Please fill-out the questionnaire as carefully and precisely as you can.

The response to each question should not be more than 12 “ 15 words. Please be very specific and answer in pointers.

The entire questionnaire consists of 2 sections: 1) eHealth Portal and 2) eHealth Print Magazine

Each of the sections would comprise questions on the need of having an eHelath website and eHealth Magazine

Your name or other identifying information will not appear in any study report

All results from the Feasibility Study will be reported as statistical summaries equipped with adequate qualitative analysis.

Please be assured that all the information provided by you will be kept strictly confidential.

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