News: June 2010

Three major hospitals in Pune implement SoftLink's HIS

For more than a decade SoftLink International has been developing cutting-edge products in the field of healthcare IT and medical imaging for its clients in India, USA, Middle East and Asia Pacific. Founded in 1997, today SoftLink has an impressive installed base of 175 plus clients in 15 countries, making it one of the fastest growing Healthcare IT MNC with Indian origin.

Recently, SoftLink released a .Net version of Panacea HIS, which is an instant hit with 3 major hospital in Pune and another international hospital in Zambia is deciding to implement it for their respective hospital. Panacea which is in its 5th release is a multi-centric and multi-branch HIS with a combination of client server, as well as Web base technology. The latest version, branded as 'Panacea.Net' has all good features of the original Panacea with added advantage of latest .Net technology.

Joshi Hospital, Ratna Memorial Hospital, as well as Poona Hospital and Research Center decided on Softlink HIS after uating HIS from number of vendors from different parts of India. Experience of more than decade in Hospital IT and an impressive product portfolio of SoftLink International comprising of a fully integrated suite of HIS/CIS/RIS/PACS, has helped them win these deals against competition. A “one-stop shop” for an end-to-end IT requirement in Hospital makes SoftLink a preferred vendor against competition.

ResMed introduces next-generation CPAP series in India

ResMed, a leading developer, manufacturer, and distributor of sleep and respiratory medical equipment introduced its new cutting-edge sleep apnea therapy platform called the S9 Series in India.

The S9 Series combines a sleek design with superior functionality and more comfort. Combined climate control and humidification delivers unsurpassed comfort to the patient by controlling both the temperature and humidity that the patient breathes. The S9 Series is expected to not only help more sleep apnea patients adhere to the treatment, but also help sleep professionals make more informed decisions.

The most effective treatment for sleep apnea is Continuous Positive Airway Pressure (CPAP) therapy. In this non-invasive treatment, air is pressurised by a small device and delivered to the airway of the patient through a mask that fits on/over the nose, or nose and mouth. The pressurised air keeps the upper airway open and helps the person experience a restful night's sleep without interruptions caused by apneas.

The S9 Series is designed to deliver unsurpassed comfort to the patient by automatically controlling the pressure, temperature and humidity of the air that the patient breathes. The temperature as well as the humidity is controlled through input from five different sensors, including sensors close to the mask, a feature unique to the S9 Series over any of its competition. Optimal humidification is then achieved automatically. A new enhanced Easy-Breathe motor also reduces the conducted noise offering the quietest mask and machine combination available on the market.

S9 Features: