Escorts Heart Institute and Research Centre, New Delhi

A leading provider of highest quality healthcare in North India, Escorts Heart Institute and Research Centre (EHIRC) has more than 30 companies in hand. Located in South Delhi, off Mathura Road, it is accessible easily by road.

The hospital was founded by Late H. P. Nanda, a heart surgeon from Manhattan. After having practiced in New York for twenty years he returned home to India to establish this state-of-the-art facility offering high-technology health care solutions.

In September 2005, EHIRC sold 90 per cent of its equity to Ranbaxy – backed Fortis Healthcare Limited.

Escorts operates through three large hospitals in New Delhi, Faridabad and Amritsar. Together with 11 heart command centres and associate hospitals, The hospital manages nearly 900 beds.

EHIRC New Delhi, has been ranked as the best cardiac hospital in India by an Outlook-Cfore survey and has been given the highest grade by CRISIL – an acknowledgement of the quality of delivered patient care. A leader in the fields of cardiac surgery, interventional cardiology and cardiac diagnostics, the Institute has introduced innovative techniques of minimally invasive and robotic surgery. The Institute’s latest addition of Cardiac Scan Centre provides a combined power of CV-MRI and Smart Score CT Scanner to diagnose coronary artery disease at very early stage. This facility is the first of its kind outside America.

State-of-the-art infrastructure and equipment has made this set-up technically the largest and the best dedicated cardiac hospital in the world. The 332-bed Institute has 9 operating rooms and carries out nearly 15,000 procedures every year.

The hospital offers robotic surgery procedures at very reasonable prices.

It is a common practice for International clients to fly in for open-heart surgery, vacation in India for a week after the procedure, and then fly back home.  Generally, open-heart surgery at Escorts would usually fall in the range of USD 5000.

Escorts is accredited by the British Standards Institute and is working toward JCI accreditation.

An extensive local area network (LAN) ensures computerised inter-face between patients’ data and investigations. Besides, Internet and Medler facilities enable doctors to access the latest medical information from anywhere in the world.

EHIRC sports an informative and interactive website. The site also provides a ‘Library of Animations’ on various surgical procedures to clear doubts and prepare patients and their family beforehand.

Services Offered
Diagnostic Services, Treatment Services, Preventive Cardiology and Rehabilitation Services, Pediatric Heart Care, Emergency Services, Community Services, Corporate Services.

EHIRC introduces YAG LASER in India for treating CAD

The HOLIMUM: YAG LASER has been introduced for treating coronary artery disease. Laser treatment for CAD can be done either in combination with coronary artery bypass surgery or as an isolated procedure. It is usually recommended for those who have very severe coronary artery disease of small sized vessels where a conventional bypass grafting is not feasible. The laser treatment involves using a fiber optic laser delivery system to make multiple laser driven holes in the heart muscle. The laser treatment stimulates formation of micro vessels in affected heart muscles, thereby increasing the blood supply. With the introduction of this new LASER therapy, patients with small coronary artery disease, otherwise not treatable either by angioplasty or bypass surgery can also be treated.

International Patients:
A single window assistance cell has been set-up to streamline the arrival and stay of overseas patients and their attendants at EHIRC, New Delhi. This cell provides  visa assistance; attends to all medical needs, lodging/boarding arrangements,  information needs, travel/other arrangements as well as finance assistance.

Emergency Services:
A fleet of five well-equipped MCCU (Mobile Coronary Care Unit) is available 24 hours a day. Each ambulance is a mini-coronary care unit in itself, with on-board ventilation, a defibrillator, a cardiac monitor, and an IABP (Intra Aortic Balloon Pump).

Air Ambulance Service:
EHIRC has a dedicated team trained in aero-medical transport of critically ill cardiac patients. For evacuation, a fully trained team, comprising a cardiologist, an anesthetist, a nurse, a cardiac surgeon (if required), with all the essential life saving equipments like the ventilator, defibrillator, monitor, IABP and so on, is dispatched to the destination in a 6 – 8 seater aircraft/ helicopter of Deccan Aviation.

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