The @HEALTH project contributes to the development of international cooperation in the e-Health sector between European and Latin American organisations, facilitating the identification of organisations and competences, and the sharing of best practices and knowledge; creating a nurturing environment for technology transfer actions.

Objectives of the project
The objectives of the @HEALTH project are:

To promote scientific cooperation in the field of e-Health applications and technologies, through web-based and off-line matchmaking actions.
To set up a proactive network where researchers from different countries, cultural and technical backgrounds, exchange skills, thoughts, needs and knowledge on e-Health.
To link health sector players with ICT research organisations and industries, stimulating technology transfer actions tailored towards end users needs.
To stimulate and sustain technology transfer actions and joint RTD projects, supported by public and/or private funding programmes.
To act as an open forum to foster dialogue between e-Health users, technology developers and researchers from different European and Latin American countries.
To provide an exhaustive database of relevant organisations in Europe and Latin America and their expertise in the field of e-Health.
To facilitate sharing of best practices and needs in e-Health, and to support exchanges of researchers between Latin American and European organisations.

Project description
The project intends to pave the way for international scientific cooperation in IST through the following services and actions:

The development of the e-Health Virtual Community platform, a web portal where
players can share knowledge, encourage cooperation and drive R&D and economic growth in e-Health sector.
A comprehensive database of European and Latin American organisations operating in the e- Health sector, acce-ssible through the @HEALTH web platform.
The organisation of annual brokerage events, where relevant players can meet to share knowledge and thoughts,
and to explore possible collaboration.
In 2006 and 2007, the events will be held in Caracas and Madrid, respectively.
Information services to the @HEALTH community, including making news on relevant RTD projects and funding opportunities for RTD actions and technology transfers available.
Direct support to technology transfer actions, including partner search, eligibility check for funding proposals and identification of funding instruments.

Expected results & impacts
The main impact of the @HEALTH project will be the realisation of specific technology transfer actions between Europe and Latin America in the field of e-Health technologies and applications. The @HEALTH community favours the dissemination and application of existing e-Health solutions, tailored to suit the local needs and standards, as well as specific research actions that will lead to the development of scalable, flexible and usable technologies. This will in turn lead to long-term benefits for the research sector in
e-Health and consequently for the medical sector, as well as for citizens themselves.

(Project cofunded by the European Community under the Information Society Technology Programme)

Duration: May 2005- April 2007 g

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