eHEALTH Newsletter Archive 2011

eHEALTH Weekly Newsletter Archive 2011

Health regulatory Bill tabled in Rajya Sabha
29 December 2011

Smartphones blamed for increasing risk of health data breaches
22 December2011

Mobile Health market likely to exceed $400M by 2016
8 December2011

Major project launched to boost Kala-Azar elimination strategies in India
24 November2011

Policymakers suggest immediate action to tackle chronic diseases
17 November2011

E-venture rings in health for mothers
10 November2011

India eyes health tourism traffic
3 November2011

Why maternal mortality is high in Nigeria
20 October2011

E–Health market to grow 13 percent annually through 2015
13 October2011

Inadequate funds hit NRHM
23 September2011

US health insurance fraud cases up 85 per cent in 2011
16 September2011

Fragile X Syndrome a leading cause of dementia
1 September2011

Carestream Health India Rolls Out Compact Dry Laser
25 August2011

Planning Commsion frames universal health insurance plan
18 August2011

ProTECT trial to study biomarkers in TBI patients
11 August2011

Shortage of specialists prompting hospitals to adopt eICU technology
29 July2011

Antioxidants may help reduce radiation side effects
21 July2011

Panel backs mandatory rural posting for doctors
7 July2011

New biometric card keeps medical records handy

US Electronic Medical Records market to reach $6 billion by 2015

BRIT introduces RoentgenWorks solution in Teleradiology
16 June2011

Functional MRI may lead to improved diagnosis of autism
10 June2011

Carestream Health receives orders for platinum remote–controlled radiology tables
2 June2011

Haryana to provide round the clock health services
26 May2011

Respiratory Tract infections in school children increasing
12 May2011

Philips and Corindus Joined Alliance
5 May2011

MDBlackBox introduces Web based EMR suite
28 April2011

Patient Info goes online by Google and Microsoft
21 April2011

Electronic Records could Address LGBT Issues
14 April2011

Medstreaming Launches Cardiovascular PACS and Certified EMR
7 April2011
30 March2011

Photodynamic Device will Treat Precancerous Cervical Lesions
24 March2011
17 March2011

Telerehabilitation Beneficial for Knee Surgery Patients
10 March2011

10 Percent Growth in Global EHR Market
3 March2011

Turner Syndrome Test for cardiac and Renal Problems
25 February2011

Schiller India launches a new MRI Monitor – MAGLIFE Serenity
17 February2011

Stem Cells for Burned Skin
10 February2011

Childhood Epilepsy Triples the Long Term Mortality Risk
3 February2011

Deep Brain Stimulation Helpful in High BP
28 January2011

First Genetic Test for IVF Success
13 January2011

Google’s Body Browser to Visualize Human Body
7 January2011

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