Non-invasive test for early Alzheimer detection

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AlzheimerResearchers are working on a non-invasive eye test which could help to detect Alzheimer’s disease even before the symptoms appear.

As per the scientists, Alzheimer’s related plaques can build up two decades before the symptoms appear, such as memory loss and cognitive decline appear.

The non-invasive technique is called optical coherence tomography angiography. It allows a doctor to scale retinal thickness and the thickness of fibers in the optic nerve.

The tests have already detected evidence of Alzheimer’s in older patients who had no symptoms of the disease.

“The retina and central nervous system are so interconnected that changes in the brain could be reflected in cells in the retina,” said Rajendra S. Apte, Professor, Washington University, St. Louis.

“This technique has great potential to become a screening tool that helps decide who should undergo more expensive and invasive testing for Alzheimer’s disease prior to the appearance of clinical symptoms,” added lead author, Bliss E. O’Bryhim, Washington University, St. Louis.

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