Toyo Aluminium K.K. partners with Svam to defeat menace of counterfeit medicines

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Toyo-SvamIn order to defeat menace of counterfeit medicines and develop greater standards of healthcare and food packaging, SVAM Packaging Industries Pvt Ltd is partnering with Japanese Packaging Giant- Toyo Aluminium K.K., the World’s finest technology driven Aluminium Company established since 1931.

This is amongst the biggest FDI in Indian Healthcare Packaging Industry. This partnership is in alignment with Government of India’s ‘Make in India’ initiative and would help create employment in the country.

As per the agreement, Toyo Aluminium K.K. will acquire 33.4 per cent equity in SVAM Packaging Industries Pvt Ltd and brings in its advanced Japanese technology in the packaging sector. It also focuses on anti-counterfeiting solutions to control the problem of spurious drugs and medicines.

Satish Ailawadi, Managing Director at SVAM Packaging Industries Pvt Ltd said, “We are privileged to partner with Toyo Aluminium K.K. who are world leaders in creative & innovative packaging products. This partnership will help us serve our customers better and provide safer packaging products in Healthcare as well as food & beverage industry.”

“Our team continuously monitors new trends in the packaging industry to develop special features that can add value to the products, brands & Anti-Counterfeiting Solutions and also cultivates new cost effective laminates to ensure finest packaging for the Pharmaceutical industry,” added Ailawadi.

Speaking on the occasion, Hiroshi Yamamoto, President, Toyo Aluminium K.K. said, “India is a growing market with requirement of innovative products. We want to invest in India’s remarkable growth story and ensure product safety through offering our innovative technology in the packaging domain.”

“We are proud of the fact that we are able to offer the high-level technological solutions that we have developed over many years to produce pioneering products which are unique in the industry. We will continue our advanced research and development to unravel the infinite possibilities of aluminium so that we can make products safer for the end consumer,” Mr. Hiroshi Yamamoto said.

In the healthcare industry, Cold Form (Alu Alu) is the most effective form of packaging for heat sensitive drugs requiring Moisture & Gas barrier properties. It is widely used & fastest growing product in the packaging segment globally in the Pharmaceutical Sector. SVAM currently has about 1/3rd Market share of Indian Cold Form Industry and caters to nearly all the Leading Pharmaceutical companies of India.

Toyo Aluminium is the biggest Aluminium Packaging Company headquartered in Japan with a turnover of nearly a Billion Dollars. It has a strong presence across several countries such as Europe, USA, China and many more. The company is now investing in India in partnership with SVAM to expand its wings now in the Packaging Sector. The company has several Patents and specializes in Research of Aluminium products.

Through this partnership, the two companies will leverage each other’s strength in R&D and efficient human resource. Svam Toyal will manufacture innovative Aluminium foil packaging solutions such as Laminates for Pharmaceutical and food packaging industry. The company would set up manufacturing units both within and outside India and offer innovative products in Healthcare, food and beverage packaging segment.


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