International Yoga Day: 5 major benefits of Yoga

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World Yoga Day is celebrated every year on 21st June in several countries including India. While Yoga is an ancient practice that dates back to thousands of years, not many in our country are aware of its benefits. Yoga definitely has come a long way, with some well-known celebrities endorsing it, as a fitness trend. However, the common people are oblivious, if not ignorant about the advantages of practicing Yoga in daily life.

Here are some major benefits of Yoga:

Reduces daily-life stress

The daily hustle and bustle can cause immense stress in our lives, ultimately giving birth to health issues such as depression, obesity and heart diseases in extreme cases. What makes Yoga better than other fitness practices is that it helps to cope with stress. Practicing Yoga daily has a soothing effect on both the body and the mind.

 Weight loss

Those looking to shed a few pounds, Yoga can come across as a saviour. While visible changes may not be noticed too early, adding Yoga to the workout routine is a good idea. There are some specific poses in Yoga, which practiced on a regular basis will effectively help people lose the extra inch they have been trying to get rid of for months.

Enhances stamina and endurance

Practising Yoga for a month will enhance the body’s stamina and endurance to a significant extent. While human bodies are naturally programmed to bear a lot, it slowly starts to become weaker over time. Sweating it out at the gym also helps, but Yoga not only improves stamina and endurance but also rejuvenates the body.

 Improves muscle flexibility

The human body loses its natural flexibility as the years pass by. Yoga brings back the muscle flexibility in a holistic way without making your body feel stressed. In fact, it also helps in improving one’s body posture. Moreover, daily practice of yoga can get rid of aches and pains caused by incorrect postures.

 Boosts mindfulness

Today’s busy life can make you unfocused, distracted and restless. Apart from all the physical benefits, practicing Yoga also improves mindfulness; making people more calm, relaxed and happy. Some also feel a sense of self-acceptance and peace after Yoga sessions.

Yoga is way more than just a fitness trend; it paves the way to lead a healthy life. Practising Yoga has millions of benefits on both body and mind, making it stand apart from other fitness activities. With the World Yoga Day, hopefully more people will be willing to take up Yoga to remain fit.

(Disclaimer: The writer is Dr. Nadeem Shariff, Prime care Hospital. The views expressed are a personal opinion.)

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