E- pharma sector hails government’s Draft Rules

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The online pharmacies have expressed their go-ahead largely to the Government’s draft regulations for the sector that were circulated among them seeking their opinion.

As per the draft, online pharmacies can now register themselves with the Central Licensing Authority.

e-Pharmacy shall dispense drugs as per prescription received from patients.

The e-Pharmacy needs to maintain the record of e-Prescription of patients. The record will contain a name, address, and sale license number of the licensee who is dispensing the drugs mentioned in the prescription, name of the drug, quantity, date of expiry, the name of manufacturer etc.

Dr. PM Ballal, Assistant Commissioner FDA (Food and Drug’s Administration) Nagpur said, “In the era of globalisation, e-Pharmacy is a need of globalised world. We can’t stop it.

“In this new world order, let us see how Government will develop a concrete infrastructure. e-Pharmacy business will help the traders to sale over the counter products (OTC). Also, it will be helpful for the senior citizens or geriatric patients staying alone to get medicines through online prescriptions at their doorsteps,” he added.

“Some training programmes should be conducted to spread drug literacy in the country. Otherwise, the country will see a rampant misuse of drugs. It may leads to addiction or use of drugs like antibiotics. A concrete structure should be made for the implementation of this draft rules in India,” Dr. Ballal stated.


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