April 2017

E-AROGYA Rural Healthcare Made Easy

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Tejasco’s e-Arogya is an Android tablet-based application, digitalising the work process of ANMs, who are signifi cant part of the rural healthcare echo system of Karnataka, writes Elets News Network (ENN).

ANMs are responsible for data collection as required by various healthcare programmes like CNAA, RCH, MCTS, Village Health, Sanitation and Nutrition Activities, Communicable Diseases and Non-Communicable Diseases, IDSP, Senior Citizen Healthcare and so on. They are also responsible for facilitating health services to the rural community, monitor and ensure programme benefits reaching the beneficiary. They are instrumental for providing the reports to concerned programme managers at various levels.

With the help of e-Arogya tabs, ANMs have been enabled to feed the data directly on to the tab which gets synchronised with the state government’s e-Governance server on real-time basis. This digitalised work process eliminates the need for the use of paper based pre-printed registers and increases the work efficiency and accuracy.

This public health surveillance of systematic data collection, analysis, and interpretation of data on specific health events provide information support to the government to target its welfare schemes more efficiently.

The captured data has the capability to provide information regarding implementation of various welfare schemes, like postnatal care kit for BPL/SC/ST women, Janani Suraksha Yojana, etc. at the Public Health Centre (PHC) level, according to the health department.

Health Minister KR Ramesh said in a statement recently that this new initiative, based on Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) underlines the potential of CSR funding for improving the quality of life of citizens.

“The experience gained would be useful in extending the project to all the PHCs in the State. This would complement other initiatives like e-Hospital, teleradiology and virtual clinics being implemented in the state,” he said.

e-Arogya product features

♦ Digitised forms for data collecti on in Kannada, English and other Indian languages

♦ Supports tele-medicine and video chat facility with Doctors for eff ective health services

♦ Dash board for summarised data view

♦ Work-Planner for ANMs and ASHA workers to plan their routine works

♦ Inventory management for managing inventories issued to healthcare assistants like medicines, consumables, family planning products, vaccinations and so on

♦ “Jagruthi” – audio and video based health programme clippings to create awareness

♦ Integrati on with e-Hospital for seamless data sharing between PHCs, taluk and district hospitals with auto-portability of data to other reporti ng software

♦ Offline data synchronizati on feature to avoid data loss when there is no data network

♦ Integrated with Mobile Device Management (MDM) for remote support and training to ANMs

♦ Web portal for report generation at various levels

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