February 2017

CIMS: Building Trust through Quality Care & Patient First

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Dr Keyur Parikh
Chairman, CIMS Hospital

Striving to be an institution of excellence based on its philosophy of care, compassion, courtesy and competency, CIMS Hospital is at the forefront of leading the healthcare revolution in India, says Dr Keyur Parikh, Chairman, CIMS Hospital, in an interview with Elets News Network (ENN). Excerpts:

Can you share the vision of CIMS? Who are the key people driving the hospital’s growth?

Our vision is to become one of the most trusted hospitals in India by providing personalised care for the best patient experience, which was conceived by a group of elite doctors and made a reality in the form of Care Institute of Medical Sciences (CIMS) Hospital in 2010. Since its inception, CIMS has established its reputation as a trusted healthcare provider and doubled its capacity to become a landmark 350-bedded hospital focused on quality, safety and patient trust.

The board of directors, most of them practicing clinicians, has been driving the growth of CIMS. At the hospital, we are a team of medical, para-medical, nursing, volunteer and administrative staff working closely to deliver personalised experience to our patients coming from all over the world.

What are the key features that help CIMS Hospital stand apart?

We strive to be an institution of excellence by strictly conducting within our philosophy of care, compassion, courtesy and competency. Our first priority — “PATIENT FIRST ALWAYS” — is imbibed in the culture of CIMS which makes us stand apart from other hospitals. The hospital has contributed towards clinical excellence in healthcare industry. It is the first hospital in Gujarat to have successfully performed heart transplantation. Alongside, its ethos rests on the pillars of innovation, technological superiority; patient’s well-being, ethical practices, research and academics. We are rated as one of the best hospitals in cardiology across India.

We truly believe in providing smooth and coordinated patient care in the most humane and empathetic manner.

We want to share a small story written by one of our patient’s relatives: “Recently one of our relatives was admitted to your health centre for delivery. Her case was of the rare of rarest category. High risk was involved while treating her and in spite of best medical care, only miracle could have saved her life. But everything went smoothly and the delivery was normal. Both mother and child are recuperating well. Our entire family expresses our gratitude for the efforts taken in this case. The infrastructure of the hospital is indeed fascinating. Equipped with state-of-the-art facility the medical centre can be termed as one of the best in Gujarat. The hospitality shown by the serving staff and their dedication will always remain in our heart. The experience will remain with us for a lifetime.”

Please brief us about your services and key achievement?

We have ultra-modern facilities which are supported by expert clinicians in departments of cardiac sciences, oncology, orthopaedics, dentistry, paediatrics, neurosciences, urosciences, women health, and gastro sciences, critical care and emergency medicines — all under one roof. The manifestation of commitment towards patient care is numerous milestones achieved by the CIMS Hospital. The biggest achievement has been getting the international quality accreditation like Joint Commission International from the USA, which is a symbol of quality and patient safety. The hospital is proud to be the recipient of several awards in recognition of its excellent delivery of healthcare services. The American College of Cardiology (ACC), one of the leading global institutes, certifies CIMS Hospital as an “ACC – Center of Excellence”. In addition, CIMS Hospital was also honoured by national accreditation bodies like NABH (National Accreditation Board of Hospital and Healthcare Providers) and NABL (National Accreditation Board for Testing and Calibration Laboratory) for its quality standards. We became the first hospital in Gujarat, Madhya Pradesh and Rajasthan practicing operation theatre activities in environment -friendly and safe manner and certified as “Green Operation Theatre”. The journey goes on as recently we have received the National Quality Excellence Award and were recognised as the “Best Multispecialty Hospital in Gujarat”.

Can you throw some light on the hospital’s short-term and long-term goals?

CIMS Hospital is driven by “Patient First”, always and “Quality Care” which build trust. In terms of infrastructure, the hospital has expanded its current bed capacity by adding 200 more beds to cater to the patients’ needs as compared to the previous year. Simultaneously, we will be expanding our services by adding paediatric bone marrow transplantation, in vitro fertilisation and blood bank by December 2017. We have planned for digitalised ICUs and OTs (e-ICU and e-OT), which will reduce the errors and will optimise access to patient records for providing better treatment and care as we are working towards becoming a green hospital by reducing paper usage and wastage. To cater to the services of the needy patients suffering from chronic diseases and requiring radiotherapy, we have expanded the radiotherapy services for oncology patients through Khambatta Trust and with other philanthropic bodies.

We are proud to be the recipient of several awards in recognition of excellent delivery of healthcare services. The American College of Cardiology certifies CIMS Hospital as an “ACC – Center of Excellence”

How do you leverage technology to improve healthcare delivery?

In order to achieve the mission of CIMS Hospital, we are equipped with the latest diagnostic and interventional equipment to take care of in-patient, out-patient and day care patients in the most professional manner. CIMS Hospital through CIMS Cancer Centre is the first hospital in Asia to commission the Elekta Versa HD Linear Accelrator — the most advanced radiation machine for cancer treatment. In a short span of a year, we have commissioned the second Linac Machine (Elekta Synergy). And in the area of radiology, we have installed CT Scan-Revolution EVO model (first in India) and MRI Signa Explorer (first in Gujarat). CIMS Hospital is first in Western India (encompassing Gujarat, Rajasthan and Madhya Pradesh) to have procured ECMO (Extracorporeal Membrane Oxygenation) machine to save lives. Angiography in seven seconds only – The fastest angiography machine is at CIMS with stent boost technology. We also have 3 Cath labs with stent boost facility — the only private hospital in Western India that can boast of such facility.

Please tell us about innovations happening in the Indian hospital sector. How do you plan to adopt them?

Today, patients from adjacent countries visiting India to receive specialised medical treatment are on the rise. The paradigm shift from unskilled to skilled work force is also booming in the Indian healthcare industry leading to a qualitative jump in service. Moreover, healthcare has become accessible to all the strata of the society with hospitals offering affordable healthcare. Also, with globalisation, innovations in medical technology are available all across the country giving patients access to leading healthcare solutions. Also, personalised clinical care pathways are being developed all across medical centres on the basis of evidence- based medicine creating a strong structure and framework to dispense healthcare services.

The decision to accredit ourselves with leading national and international accreditations like JCI, ACC, NABH, NABL, Green OT certification is a testament to our commitment to adopt all the newer innovations taking place globally.

Which are key developments you see transforming the healthcare sector in near future?

Digitalisation in healthcare sector is evolving fast, which is improving healthcare delivery continuously. At CIMS, we have recently installed the facility of digital operation theatres and ICUs for better continuity of care. Digitalisation in healthcare has also given easy and fast access to read reports and deliver diagnosis and treatment.

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