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Siemens Healthineers deploy Symbia Evo Excel SPECT scanner at SRMC

hc_mi_40821_15Siemens Healthineers has deployed its first Symbia Evo Excel SPECT scanner at Sri Ramachandra Medical College (SRMC) Chennai. A SPECT (Single Positron Emission Computed Tomography) scanner is used to perform scans like myocardial perfusion to diagnose myocardial viability; any bony pathology to diagnose malignancies or metastasis, if any; renal scans for split kidney function, renal scar and glomerular filtration rate (GFR); thyroid scans for nodule evaluation or to diagnose metastasis; and many other conditions.

Carrying smallest footprint in the industry, Symbia Evo Excel is designed to fit into almost any existing nuclear medicine exam room and virtually eliminating costs associated with room renovation and expansion. With a high-capacity patient bed, larger bore size and highly flexible HD detectors, the system is optimized for obese or critically ill patients and increases the variety of applications a healthcare institution can offer. The system also allows 20% faster scanning, preventing motion artifacts.

“We have (already) done about 1,500 cases using Symbia Evo Excel. We were very impressed that Symbia Evo Excel fitted into our existing room with no modification. We are able to scan patients with Renal Transplant without shifting the patient, which was earlier not possible,” explains Dr. E Venkatachalapathy, Head of Nuclear Medicine Department, SRMC.

“Symbia Evo Excel addresses the pressing demands of today’s healthcare environment as a cost-effective modernization option for nuclear medicine departments looking to avoid renovation of existing infrastructure. At the same time, the system also offers the ability to scan a broad range of patients for a variety of applications from general purpose, cardiology, oncology to neurology studies,” says Vivek Kanade, Executive Director, Siemens Healthcare Private Limited, Indian country organization of Siemens Healthineers.

Symbia Evo Excel improves patient comfort with a 30% larger bore of 40.2 inches and a high-capacity patient bed that supports patients up to 227 kgs. The bed also improves accessibility for patients with limited mobility with a convenient minimum access height of 21 inches. Symbia Evo Excel is designed for easier patient orientation for specific clinical studies like cardiac MUGA scans, planar cerebral blood flow, extremities imaging, etc.

The exceptional detector flexibility allows imaging of critically ill patients on a gurney or in a hospital bed. It enables faster patient set-up for ambulatory and wheelchair, making a whole range of otherwise difficult scans possible. Additionally, the short tunnel length and maximum scan length of up to 200 cm (6 ft 7 in) improves patient comfort for claustrophobic and tall patients.

Non-communicable diseases (NCDs) are one of the leading reasons for death in India. According to the report by Tamil Nadu Health Systems Project, the crude mortality death rate due to cardiovascular diseases is about 360-430 per 100,000 populations. Further, 20% adults have hypertension and 10% have heart disease in Tamil Nadu. With health of the state deteriorating, technologies like SPECT scanners play a significant role in patient management.

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