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Max Healthcare enters into international partnerships to conduct comprehensive study of type 2 diabetes in South Asians

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Max Healthcare collaborates with Imperial College, London to conduct a study  that will map 10,000 citizens with pre-diabetic symptoms

Max Healthcare, leading healthcare providers of North India, along with Imperial College, London and European Commission on July 20 officially announced the launch of a 3-year ‘iHealth Type 2 Diabetes’ study.


  • Led by Professor John Chambers and Professor Jaspal Singh Kooner from Imperial College of London, UK and includes experts from India, Pakistan and Sri Lanka.
  • Dr Sujeet Jha (Director,Institute of Endocrinology, Diabetes and Metabolism – Max Healthcare) is the lead for India, building on his established international collaborative epidemiological efforts to understand the genetic and environmental factors influencing  type 2 diabetes (T2D) in South Asians.
  • Will be using much simpler tools than what has been used so far

Other Details

  • The study in India has commenced this month (July), 2016 and will conclude in July, 2019

The study will analyse and determine whether:

  • Family-based lifestyle modification v/s usual care reduces risk of T2D (primary endpoint) among South Asians with:
    • Central obesity
    • Prediabetes
    • Overall (with central obesity and / or obesity)
  • Compare effectiveness of the interventions between groups
  • Health economic analysis of family-based lifestyle modification v/s usual care for prevention of T2D on the Indian subcontinent and Europe
  • Quantify the cost-effectiveness of screening by waist circumference v/s HbA1c

iHealth Type2 Diabetes’Study – Key Takeaways

  • Will map 10,000 citizens of India with pre-diabetic symptoms
  • Will focus on health promotion & prevention of T2D among South Asians
  • Will involve both men & women from the Indian subcontinent (India, Pakistan and Sri Lanka), as well as the United Kingdom to provide evidence about the implementation of lifestyle modification in both high- and low-income settings
  • Will address the limitations of current approaches towards diabetes management
  • Will be an expansive study of South Asians in diverse settings

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