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Lifespan introduces R.I.S.C. test – A safe & non-invasive test for early detection & prevention of complication

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risc-testLifespan, India’s largest chain of diabetes and cardiometabolic clinics, introduces the R.I.S.C. test – a unique, non-invasive, screening test for risk assessment by screening and understanding the risk to other organs due to diabetes.

Understanding R.I.S.C. test

The R.I.S.C. test is safe and non-invasive as no blood samples are taken, nothing introduced into the body and no harmful rays used. It also makes treatment cost-effective, as it identifies which organs are likely to be affected, so that treatment to prevention the complications can be started.

It is recommended for overweight and obese people, those with a family history of diabetes, high blood pressure and high cholesterol, pre-diabetics, etc., so that the diseases can be detected at an earlier stage and the measures to control the same can be initiated.

R.I.S.C. Test – Key Takeaways

  • Screens an individual for risk of developing diabetes by calculating insulin resistance.
  • Assesses one’s cardio metabolic risk score and autonomic neuropathy risk score.
  • Tells about one’s body fat composition, heart functioning and the functioning of the autonomic nervous system, and sudomotor nerves.
  • Assesses 30 vital health indicators that give an idea regarding one’s risk of developing neuropathies and heart-related complications.

Additional Features

  • Identifies how diabetes is affecting your organs and what diabetic complications you may have developed and also are at risk of developing.
  • Detects cardio-metabolic-related problems, cardiac autonomic neuropathy, diabetic autonomic neuropathy, arterial stiffness and sudomotor abnormalities.
  • Analyses a person’s present health status- the test checks for markers of underlying abnormal health condition by detecting small physiological changes.

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