June 2016

Miles covered Miles to be covered :: June 2016

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Technology Only a Means, Not the End – After All

Cover Story

Miles covered Miles to be covered

Special Interview

Blend in Medical Expertise and Technology to Build Up ‘Quality Care’

In Spotlight

Make Health Budget 5% of Annual GDP to Ensure Universal Care


Advancements Come With a Cost, But Save Lives

Restructured Training Programmes & Advanced Technologies to Redefine Medical Practice

Paediatric Heart Care: Ensure Confluence of High-End Technology, Sophisticated Infrastructure & Appropriate Training

Elevate Primordial Healthcare Models to Tackle Emerging Cardiac Challenges

Partnerships & Indigenous Manufacturing: Answer to Increased Cost- Effective Cath Lab Demand

Emerging Leader

Complete Healthcare from the Comfort of One’s Home

Medical Tourism

Mere Vision or Mission in Action?

Trickle-Down Effect of Medical Tourism to Ensure Overall Improvement in Care

Medical Device Policy

AIMED: Correction of Inverted Duty Structure & Quality Assurance – Talisman to Boost Confidence in Local Manufacturers

Corporate Interview

IBM Analytics: Increased Adoption of Cognitive Solutions Underlines India’s Openness to Technology

MedGenome: Genomics Solutions to Ensure Radical Clinical Practice Impacts

Indus Health Plus: One-Stop Solution for Cost-Effective Healthcare

Product Launch

Philips Intuis – Combines Technology & Affordability to Address Evolving Needs

Medical Devices

UL: Indian Med-Tech Industry Promising, Despite Ambiguous Regulatory Framework

Forus Health: Creation and Deployment of Products Require Innovation

POLYMED Aims to Innovate, Invest, Upgrade Skills & Scale Up Products To Stay Ahead

Translumina Therapeutics: Strategic Partnership is Key to Business Growth


Lyfboat: Finding Trustworthy Healthcare Providers Has Never Been Easier

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