HealthKhoj Focuses on Ailments with Longer Care Cycles Requiring High Involvement

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Ratnesh Pandey 
Co-founder, HealthKhoj

Ratnesh Pandey, Co-founder, HealthKhoj speaks at length to Elets News Network (ENN) on what constitutes this Condition Discovery and Management Platform driving medicare accountability

What’s HealthKhoj all about?

HealthKhoj is a condition discovery and management platform. There is a big gap that exists when it comes to condition discovery. As many as seven out of ten patients go to the wrong type of healthcare provider in their first visit. The healthcare system in India is under severe pressure. Availability of only 0.6 doctors per 100 people and 0.9 hospital beds per 1,000 people depict the ground reality. Due to misplaced understanding of health condition, 70 per cent of the time patient go to the wrong healthcare provider, thus elongating the care cycle, misdiagnosis, increased out-of-pocket expenditure, anxiety to the family and loss of productive time.

We aim to help both the sides of the system by providing a more relevant matching of condition to the care provider. This brings down the cost of care and time taken for care on one hand, and benefits hospitals by freeing up their capacity to treat more relevant patients, thereby easing the overall burden of diseases in India.

Our focus is on the health conditions that have longer care cycles and require high involvement from the caregivers, patients as well the as the healthcare provider. These conditions include cancer care, diabetes care, respiratory illnesses care, mental healthcare, cardiac care and kidney care.

In short, HealthKhoj provides a guided journey to the users to understand their health and make more informed healthcare choices.

What trends help you visualise the emergence of a technology-enabled medical accountability?

There are a lot of interesting things happening in healthcare market.

  • There is a thrust on patient education.
  • Tracking of patients post discharge, constant monitoring of the patient through wearables.
  • An integrated view of the patient through medical records, nutrition, lifestyle modifications and medication.
  • Connected healthcare driven primarily through mobile applications and devices communicating to each other over Internet, anytime, anywhere access to the personal medical data.

All these trends are influencing medical decisions which services like HealthKhoj are tapping to ensure that patients will not be flying blind.

How far HealthKhojhas been able to penetrate in tier II and tier III cities?

We are already live in Indore and Bhopal. To address the tier II and tier III markets better, we will be launching our HealthKhoj in Hindi by mid May.

The way healthcare services are consumed in tier II and tier III cities is very different from tier I. We understand this difference and are working on localising the content, tools and interaction.

We will also help the users in these cities to connect with hospitals in large cities so that can have a transparent view of the cost of care.

What are your future plans of expansion?

  • Localise HealthKhoj from English only to different vernacular languages, starting from Hindi.
  • Bringing more healthcare partners on board to provide a more transparent view to the patients to enable them to make more informed choices.
  • Increase presence in more cities to bring quality care closer to the patients.

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