Clinical Chemistry Advances Paving the Path for Accurate Timely Diagnosis

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Modern diagnostics is based entirely on the advances in clinical chemistry. Rapid growth in the diagnostics market due to increase in healthcare spending, as well as increasing incidents of lifestyle diseases, awareness for preventive healthcare, aging population, reagent rental agreements and demand for laboratory automation is boosting the demand for clinical chemistry analyzer products. The global clinical chemistry analyzer market which was valued at $8,965.00 million in 2014 is poised to grow at a CAGR of 5.52 per cent between 2014 and 2019, to reach $11,728.01 million in 2019.

eHEALTH spoke to a spectrum of pathological labs employing the latest innovations in clinical chemistry about this expanding industry vertical and tried to find out their purviews and projections.

Newer diagnostic techniques are reducing the window/silent period of diseases smaller

Dr Vishu Bhasin 
Director, Bhasin Path Labs

On innovative diagnostic tests

As 70 per cent of clinical decisions depend upon diagnostic tests, innovation in diagnostics help clinicians not only diagnose faster, better and more easily, it also provides valuable insights into treatment response, prognosis and devising action plans. It is due to innovation in diagnostics that newer treatments are able to come up more frequently and are being being accepted sooner into practice since newer tests and better diagnostic facilities make comparisons & evaluations more objective. And definitely ahead of all, newer diagnostic techniques are reducing window/silent period of diseases smaller allowing earlier diagnosis and faster treatment and giving us a wider opportunity at primary & secondary prevention strategies.

Innovations at Bhasin Path Labs

We believe we do our bit for innovation in accordance to our role in healthcare and modality development i.e. providing feedbacks to diagnostic equipment companies whenever and wherever required, regular participation in discussion forums and allowing under trial techniques and methods to be experimented at back end for comparison and validation with established techniques. We do embrace and invest in such innovations as and when they reach the appropriate stage.


Diagnostics are the lighthouse for the other branches of medicine

Dr Sherry Khanna 
Director, Khanna Path Labs

Diagnostics are the lighthouse for the other branches of medicine guiding them towards the right diagnosis. Without the guiding light of innovative diagnostics it may be impossible for today’s clinicians to reach the right diagnosis and treat the patient.

Innovations in the diagnostic fields are happening at a rapid speed because they are backed by decades of research in the fields of biotechnology, immunology, genetics. In fact, our government is making great efforts to bring together all these field on the same platform and help translate the research into commercially viable kits and technology.

Having said this, a word of caution though is required. The innovative diagnostic tools may give you a compilation of a few numbers and images but the clinician must not forget the basic art of looking at the patient as a complete human being and with a touch of compassion. We have always believed in the dictum that “If there is a way to do it better. Find it”. This is the reason our laboratory started with a research unit 5 years back is recognised by the Department of Scientific and Industrial Research.

Besides many other projects, our research unit in association with neurology departments of AIIMS DELHI, is endeavouring to produce a point of care testing kits for detection of HLA B 1502 gene for epileptic patients using the LAMP technology.

Innovation no doubt holds the key to future healthcare but a few questions need to be answered before bringing in a new technology /kit.

What is desirable to the user?
What is possible with technology?
What is viable in the market?

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