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‘Sysmex XN Analyzer’ from Transasia Bio-Medicals

Kusum_e-healthTransasia Bio-Medicals Ltd, India’s largest in-vitro diagnostic company and the sole distributor of the Sysmex hematology instruments in India, has come up with ‘Sysmex XN Analyzer’ to measure immature platelet fraction (IPF).

Kusum-e-health2IPF is an index for thrombopoiesis that can assist in determining the mechanism of thrombocytopenia. While an increased IPF is indicative of platelet destruction or consumption, a decreased/low normal IPF is indicative of decreased marrow production. Thus, IPF values serve as a differentiator between increased consumption and decreased production.

Additionally, IPF is a potential tool for monitoring thrombocytopenia in dengue fever cases and acts as a platelet transfusion regulator. IPF can now be measured on the Sysmex XN /XN-L series as a part of complete blood count. It is also now possible to monitor IPF in all cases of thrombocytopenia.

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