July 2015

Inching towards Digital Hospitals

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Vivek Saxena, National Manager – PACS, Fujifilm India Private Limited

Healthcare IT is playing a very important role in healthcare industry from the point, patient enters and till he leaves the hospital and even to extends to their referring physician for consultation, says Vivek Saxena, National Manager – PACS, Fujifilm India Private Limited

How do you perceive the Indian Health IT market?

Indian healthcare is having a robust domestic demand and focussed approach on medical tourism along with government dedication to provide healthcare deliveries for better patient treatment and care, Indian Healthcare IT sector is booming in a big way.

What are your current operations in India and your expansion plans?

FujiFilm India Medical has a strong presence in healthcare market. Our medical offering includes X-ray Films, CR, DR, Digital Mammography and Synapse.

Synapse is our medical informatics product portfolio and our offering includes Synapse PACS, Synapse Clinical Workflow Manager (CWM) RIS, Synapse 3D, Synapse Mobility, Synapse VNA. Synapse product range have very unique feature, which enables multi-site hospitals and diagnostic centres to use the interconnected workflows and imaging needs. Teleradiology comes as a default component in our Synapse PACS and Synapse CWM RIS offering. I can very proudly share that our Synapse PACS rated 7th worldwide in KLAS 2013 ratings. We have 37 sites in India and growing like Sathy Sai Hospital, Bangalore (3 hospital connected), Sir Gangaram Hospital, New Delhi, Medall Healthcare, Chennai (30 centres across southern India with data centre) etc.

Another feather to our offering under value PACS category is iWeb Lite 3.0 Value PACS for those customers who want to go digital initially with minimal investment. It provides the flexibility to customer for storing the images locally, access images on site and remotely and do reporting on mobile devices and personal computers.

Is healthcare IT going to be a game changer in Indian healthcare industry?

Information technology is always be the game changer in the all the leading Industries. Everyone understands the importance of IT solution and their benefits. Specifically if I talked about Indian healthcare industry, increasing number of patients, new diseases added every year, growing patient expectation on services, remote diagnosis and reporting trends, telemedicine and lot of other factors also are the some few drivers of the Health IT solution.

What are the functional areas where Health IT can make a difference?

From small hospital to large chain of hospital, healthcare providers are looking forward to have a Health IT solution specially HIS, RIS and PACS. HIS is to manage the patient related workflows like registration, scheduling, billing etc. in the entire hospital. RIS manages the department workflow and PACS manages these thousands of patient images and distribute the images for diagnosis and reporting.

Going digital is going to provide intangible benefits like workflow improvements, which in turn improve the overall efficiency of the system and more efficiency increases revenue. Tangible benefits are savings on direct cost like patient X-ray films, in spite giving paper image print outs or CD/ DVD to patients.

How do you see the Health IT evolving in the coming years?

Vendor neutral archive is the next way forward where all the patients’ records DICOM images, Non DICOM images and other patient related documents are going to archive in the same solution. It is going to be vendor independent solution. Mobility solution and Cloud computing is also coming in a big way for different healthcare information system will be on the cloud to have a rule based access to doctors, physicians , referring physicians and even to patients also, hence providing ease and all information to patient on his fingertips.

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