Keyhole Surgery will be Mainstay across all Specialties – Dr HafeezRahman, Chairman, Sunrise Group of Hospitals

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Dr Hafeez Rahman, Chairman, Sunrise Group of Hospitals

Dr HafeezRahman,
Chairman, Sunrise Group of Hospitals

Driving force behind Sunrise Hospitals, Dr Hafeez Rahman, Chairman, Sunrise Group of Hospitals, is one of the pioneers of this medical procedure. With his visionary outlook, he shares his excitement with Rachita Jha, ENN as he plans to launch the first hospital in Mumbai

Please share the scope of (laparoscopy) keyhole surgery and its scope and applications in India.

My expertise has been in key-hole surgeries and I have performed the largest number of key-hole surgeries in the world that is more than 70,000 surgeries. There is a huge scope of key-hole surgeries across all speciality and today in our Kochi hospital alone there are close to 30 keyhole surgeries performed each day. In the coming future, considering the medical technology advancements and trends, it is imperative that key-hole surgeries will be the mainstay and open surgeries will only be limited to trauma.

Please tell us more about the Sunrise Group of Hospitals presence and expertise in healthcare delivery.

We are a chain of multi specialty hospitals conforming to international standard and acclaimed as the apex centre for minimal invasive surgery in Asia. Keyhole surgery has becme prevalent in every speciality We have one of the largest number of keyhole surgeons in the world under our group. Our centres are spread across India and in the international space, primarily located at Delhi, Mumbai, Kochi, Dubai and Congo. For over ten years Sunrise Group of Hospitals has been defining the future of Minimally Invasive Surgeries in Asia with a steadfast vision to transform surgical care and make it a painless experience with faster recovery time. The Sunrise Group of Hospitals has the objective of providing immaculate healthcare facilities matching international standards.

Tell us about the first Sunrise Hospital that is coming up in Mumbai.

Located in the heart of Bhandup,Sunrise Hospital is about 2 minute away from the station, located on LBS Marg, one of the arterial roads of Mumbai. One of the first hospitals in Asia to be located within the premises of a mall, it incorporates more than 175 in-patient beds occupying an area of over one lakh sq ft. It is collectively run by a dedicated medical team, comprising of eminent doctors and equally proficient medical, paramedical and administrative personnel; constantly updated on the very latest medical developments to bring you world class medical expertise and patient care.

Key features include 40+ bedded critical care zone ICCU, MICU, SICU and NICU, Multiple centers of excellence incorporated in an area of over one lakh sq ft on a single floor, Built in conformance to internationally accepted standards, highly qualified consultants with global expertise, Specializing in keyhole Surgeries, Mother and Child Care.

Please elaborate on the technology and infrastructure of the upcoming hospital in Mumbai.

Our technology are latest Karl Storz 3D High definition on Monitors, latest Ultra Sono Mammography equipments and 5HD Cameras and hi-end recording systems from Karl Storz. We have 520 InnovaG, the latest in Cath Lab Technologies, 5 Modular O.T.’s with laminar air flow systems and HEPA flters. 100 Watt Holmium Laser for any size of Stone and Prostate work is also there. Our infrastructure includes 175+ bedded tertiary care hospital, 40+ bedded Intensive Care Units including NICU, five Modular Operation Theaters, six Dialysis Units, Special Labour Delivery Suites and the space of over one lakh sq ft of hospital area in a single floor that makes the hospital unique in its design in conformance to international quality standards.

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