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Hansure to ensure clean hands

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Hand hygiene compliance and the prevention of healthcare-associated infections (HAIs) is a challenge in any healthcare setting.

The deadly MERS virus is spiralling out of control with over 111 reported dead and the virus rapidly spreading to other countries with the newest case reported in the US. The worst affected are the ones taking care of others – healthcare professionals, mainly doctors.

To make hand hygiene an easy and reliable process, a multidisciplinary team of an engineer, a product designer and a clinician has come up with a novel technology named ‘Hansure’.

The new technology named ‘Hansure’ by Observe Design is a joint innovation of Aanan Khurma, an electronics engineer; Saurabh Bag, a product designer; and Agyeya Dwivedi, an occupational therapist.

Hansure is a wearable compact technology, composed of a hand disinfectant ensuring all time access to disinfection.

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