7 Billion Medical Images on Cloud Platform – Sid Nair, Vice-President and Global General Manager at Dell Services

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Sid Nair, Vice-President and Global General Manager at Dell Services

Sid Nair,
Vice-President and Global General Manager at Dell Services

Sid Nair, Vice-President and Global General Manager at Dell Services for Healthcare and Life Sciences, elaborates on the company’s vision of building futureready IT platforms. In conversation with Rachita Jha, ENN

Tell us on the transformation journey of Dell from hardware to end-to-end service provider in healthcare.
In the last four years, it has been quite a transformation at Dell from, a healthcare perspective. We have moved from a hardware organisation, to a service and systems software provider. And we are looking forward to becoming leaders in services and software. We can now manage the entire end-to-end services. From a vertical perspective, healthcare is one of the major business verticals at Dell. In addition to our previous bouquet of solutions, we have also introduced solutions that help them get faster to market and focus on regulation and compliance issues and business analytics and intelligence. We have the 5Cs that is changing the healthcare market globally, first is capitation and re-imbursement model that is changing that is driving the market, there is lot of consolidation and collaboration, all this is leading competition that is between not just hospitals but also physicians. The fifth C is consumerism as we have new generation of American citizen that will buy insurance.

Has ICD 10 version acted as catalyst for Health IT providers such as Dell in the US market?
This is a major project and has tremendous scope for IT incorporated in the healthcare sector. Consider that ICD 9 had 18,000 and the ICD 10 has 160,000 diseases listed. This results in complexity, therefore the doctor has more details to submit in the new format, and this is designed to ensure that for reimbursement the right medication and procedure is followed. Our contribution in this project has been to help them migrate from ICD 9 to ICD 10. We have also built test case databases that helps them cut down the cycle time. We also offer medical code changes for them. Lot of our growth in healthcare was in the EMR implementation. As we move forward, the future is about EMR optimization and ways to get ROI from these EMR systems. Also, there is a need to rationalize some of the old EMRs. The future is also about data as clinical data that is now available, tools such as data analytics and predictive analytics. For the health plans, HIS continues to be big because the consumerism in healthcare is leading them to new markets. This demands them to move away from a legacy claims processes systems and business systems to a more state of the art health. So, we have seen the health insurance business grow drastically in US. Almost 60 percent of our business comes from the providers’ space that includes hospitals and physicians, as we move forward social media, cloud, analytics and mobility are our focus areas.

Please share your thoughts on the new cloud platform for healthcare sector and your major focus markets for the same.
We have been partners for many hospitals and with our new services and desoftware products on offer, we can manage your mess for less. We have a lot of services hosted on our cloud platform and this is just one small part. We have 130 hospitals that use our cloud services in the US, and we have 750 physician practitioners, we have close 7 billion images archived on our image archive solution and continue to grow. We recently acquired a company StatSoft that has a product called Statistica. This has predictive analytics solutions that we plan to integrate in our healthcare business. The Dell Secure Healthcare cloud has the critical patient data and is a HIPAA compliant. The big market for us remains to be US that contributes 80 percent of our business. The remaining 20 percent comes from Middle East and UK. India is the fourth market that we plan to enter and are excited to explore opportunities.

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