December 2013

Today 40 Percent Imaging Equipments are Refurbished

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Som Panicker
Vice President, Sanrad Medical Systems

What are the growth trends for the refurbished equipment in diagnostic imaging in India?
In India there is a growing demand for all kinds of refurbished medical equipments and today 40 percent of all imaging equipments purchased are refurbished equipments. And equipments like CT, C-ram, Angio and MRI are in great demand than ever.

What are the major quality checks before going for refurbished equipment?
For any buyer of refurbished medical equipment, three major parameters in choosing the right refurbished equipment are firstly the equipment has to be as much latest technology, not very old. Second, the system should be sturdy with proven performance and third that technical competence and efficient after sales service of supplier should be checked.

Your reflections on growth segments for the refurbished market for MRI, CT, Ultrasound in India
Market for refurbished C-arm and Mobile Cath labs are growing. Refurbished CT market is the largest market in imaging segment market and the demand for refurbished CT up to 16 slice is the top priority in buying pattern. We see a huge market for refurbished CT in next 5 years in India. In the case of MRI, it is a complex situation as MRI is made by assembly of many sub units from different manufacturers and the technology is updated every year
Investing in refurbished MRI can be only wise if you are sure of continuous support and technology is acceptable to present day use.

Please highlights some key medical segments that are driving the demand side for refurbished goods?
Cancer treatment is regarded one of the most expensive one due high cost of the medicine and equipments. Refurbished medical equipments like Linear accelerators, MRI and CT etc plays a very key role in bringing down the cost to a very large population. The demand for refurbished medical equipments is growing high as the number of cancer patients is also on the rise. Refurbished cardiology equipments like Angio and Cathlabs are also in great demand as a top branded equipments are not within the reach of a large number of medium hospitals with cardiology units.

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