December 2013

Diagnostics: The Magic Wand

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On the other side of the globe, RSNA (Radiological Society of North America) has kicked off in Chicago with a lot of surprises. The opening message for radiologists was to get out of the basement and make sure patients know their name. The RSNA President was talking about accepting more responsibility for patient care. In the era of personalised medicine, the focus was more on fostering better relationship with the patients.

Imaging is the buzz word toady. We are racing against time to save lives and even after death imaging plays a role. Now Sheffield’s Medico-Legal Centre has introduced non-invasive Digital Autopsy Facilities that offer a significant humanitarian step forward in establishing the cause of unnatural death using sophisticated visualisation software – and a scanner rather than a scalpel.

The current issue of eHEALTH has integrated all aspects of diagnostics that incorporates multimodality imaging and the coming rise of PET/MR that is destined to rapidly advance radiology’s precision. Besides talking to the key players and stakeholders in various verticals of diagnostics, we have focussed on the most prolific and promising start ups in the industry. It is high time for radiologists to partner with other medical specialities to enhance their approach and visibility.

The current diagnostic market in India is pegged at USD 2 billion and it continuous to grow at healthy toll .Until recently the best of diagnostic procedures were confined to top notch hospitals but today many standalone diagnostic centres have changed the rules of the game. Growth of such centres with better services is fast picking up; they add value and competition by way of second opinion, turnaround time and other quality based services.

More than 70 percent of treatment decisions come from over 40,000 labs spread across the country. The figure is self explanatory and the intense competition percolates into better service. We talk to some of the leading labs and pathologists to get the whiff of the industry.

To promote healthy discussion on healthcare, we are now organising event that will offer a perfect platform to bring together the decision makers and other key players who are pivotal in shaping the healthcare industry. We hope to see you at the grand event that is scheduled to be held in February 2014 at Chennai.

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