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Schiller India launches MAGLIFE Serenity

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Schiller India, a leading Swiss Joint Venture Company in the field of Medical Diagnostics, has launched anew MRI compatible monitor called MAGLIFE Serenity.The MAGLIFE Serenity guarantees highest ECG quality during magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) scanning – even under strongest gradient influence. It monitors all vital parameters during anesthesia in an MRI environment and is specifically designed for adults, children and neonates.

According to Hormazd Cooper, Vice President, Sales, “Schiller’s MAGLIFE Serenity has already clocked up major sales in Europe with its capability of being used with MRI scanners upto 3.0 Tesla. Its combination of monitoring basic / vital signs plus additional parameters such as CO2, temperature monitoring etc. ensures that the Serenity system becomes the monitor of choice for small diagnostic MRI centres, as well as, full fledged hospital MRI departments, where critical & high risk patients are scanned. A major advantage of the Serenity system is that all optional parameters are field upgradeable and can be purchased individually thereby negating obsolescence and protecting the hospitals investment.”

Features ofMAGLIFE Serenity:

• Large 12.1″ color TFT display
• Widely adjustable color display for various viewing angles
• Compatible with 0.2 to 3 Tesla scanners of all manufacturers
• Choice of 3 leads for artifact free ECG & enhanced accuracy of QRS detection
• New generation SpO2 probes are much lighter for enhanced patient comfort and are available in varied lengths
• Enhanced accuracy in temperature monitoring due to state-of-art sensors based on Fluorescence technology
• Standard monitoring of ECG, SpO2& NIBP
• Auto identification of Anesthetic Gases
• Display & measurement of inspired and expired values of all gases
• O2 measurement in same sample as CO2 & anesthetic agents
• Magnetic field detector built in Main unit & Power box
• MAGLIFE Serenity can be connected to more than one MAGSCREEN Serenity (slave monitor) and vice versa
• Non magnetic trolley provided as standard
• Certification: CE 0459

• Dual IBP
• Capnography (ETCO2, FiO2)
• O2 (ETCO2, FiO2)
• Anesthetic agents monitoring with auto identification
• Temperature (1 or 2)
• ECG Cardiac Gating software
• “MAGSCREEN” – Remote monitor control screen
• Recorder
• Wireless LAN

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