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Tripura kicks off mission to become Hepatitis free

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Tripura has launched an ambitious programme to make its capital Agartala a Hepatitis free city, consi-dering northeastern India`s vulnerability to this highly contagious disease. The northeastern states are highly prone to various types of hepatitis.
The Tripura government in alliance with HFT, had launched the ‘At birth Hepatitis vaccination’ pro-gramme since January last year. The HFT is actively working in the northeastern state since 2002 and conducts mass vaccination of Hepatitis B and has attracted national attention for its unique battle against the disease.

According to experts, over 400 million people across the world are affected by Hepatitis B disease alone. Of this number, two-thirds are in Asian countries. Forty two million Indians suffer from chronic Hepatitis B infection. The Hepatitis B Virus is responsible for 60% of liver cancer cases in India.

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