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Swine Flu kills six in green city Bangalore

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The swine flu (H1N1) toll in green city Bengaluru went up to six. A 30 year old woman succumbed to the virus on Tuesday. There was some confusion as the civic body suggested she suffered from swine flu while the private hospital denied it. There has been a similar case in Chennai where a hospital failed to notify the authorities about a swine flu case.
When contacted the hospital authorities said there had been no H1N1-related death in their hospital. According to protocol, every hospital has to inform the BBMP of any suspected H1N1 case, confirmed case or death due to the disease. Every day, the civic agency has to compile a list of cases and deaths.

The hospital’s denial has once again brought to the fore the issues of poor synchronisation in the ex-change of information over deaths due to contagious diseases. Why hospitals need to hide swine flu numbers is something strange we cannot seem to fathom. Tuesday’s incident is similar to last year’s scenario when the BBMP sent notices to a few private hospitals for not sharing information regarding dengue and swine flu cases reported there. The Chief health officer K.E. Manjula  has stated her un-happiness over all private hospitals due to there irresponsible behavior. Manjula also complained saying “We are not allowed to private hospitals to have verification, they will deny us saying if there is such case then we will mail you the details.”

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