April 2010

“We bring in domain-led and technology-supported business solutions to healthcare”

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CSC has been serving customers in the healthcare domian, across the globe, for more than 35 years now. The company’s services span the entire healthcare spectrum including healthcare IT and business services for life sciences industry and provider and payer space.

In conversation with eHEALTH, Arun Gupta, Director of Healthcare Verticle at CSC in India, talks about the organisation’s key healthcare offerings in the global and Indian markets.

Arun Gupta
Director, Healthcare,
CSC in India

Please provide an overview of the organisation framework.

We have had the healthcare vertical in place for the last 35 years and have done a lot of work for different clients in this space. We have very strong service offering across the entire segment including the providers, payers and life sciences. In the provider segment, we work with most of the major hospital networks. In the payer , we work with enterprise health insurance companies. In the life sciences, we have an established footprint with most top life sciences companies.

Apart from these, we have several other products in all these segments in the healthcare industry. We bring in business solutions, across all healthcare segments, which are domain-led and technologysupported. While, CSC Healthcare practice has several recognitions such as being ranked number 3 in “Healthcare Informatics Top 100 2009 rankings”, number 1 in ERP implementations by healthcare executives in KLAS 2009 report (a leading analyst in healthcare), and the leaders in CPOE, our key differentiators that benefi t our clients are that we understand the business domain of our customers through years of service experience, by having a global workforce that consist of domain or subject matter experts (with 10-30 yrs experience in healthcare), product experts and technology experts who work from our global delivery locations as one team to deliver from the world to our world-wide customers.

Our customers benefi t from us, as we help them with systems that are “Built to Last”. We design life saving systems. Being a healthcare leader, we have a legacy of early adoption of healthcare trends to help our clients build their next generation
healthcare systems. We leverage our global footprint to serve our clients across the globe. Our workforce uses cutting edge technology to deliver our services and products to our clients.

The business outcomes our clients gain from us are, reduced medical errors, improved quality patient care, making healthcare affordable, accessible (electronic patient records) and effi cient to end users.

We have our own established research group of emerging practices and have strong participation in the regulatory framework. In that sense, we are well positioned to bring leadership in the domain.

Please give a brief about your offerings in the healthcare domain.

Our offerings combine business and technology. In the provider side we work mostly in consulting and application services, bringing in hospital management expertise to select, implement, run and maintain, and test third party products/ applications. We provide custombuilt solutions, which are driven by domain knowledge. We also provide business infrastructure support to various hospitals and some of the core infrastructure required to run the business is supported by us.

Some successful examples include the EPIC solution for report development, Meditech and other Hospital information systems, which are all evolving products and comprehensive and complete systems that take care of all requirements in a hospital.

Apart from this, we are engaged in one of the most ambitious health delivery programmes in the U.K, and we have already had two releases that have been implemented. This product is still undergoing phased development and we will start rolling it out to a large number of hospital trusts shortly. In India, we have a parallel development going on in Chennai. We also do a lot of work in the R&D for the public sector department in the area of drug discovery.

Please tell us about your global presence and plans for entering India, if any, in the future?

Our offerings are primarily in the Europe and the U.S. In the Asia Pacifi c region, we are doing work in Singapore and Vietnam. We work with major global Life Sciences companies, many of which have an India presence; this is how we service India.

We have a large healthcare footprint in India that includes technical, functional, doctors, nurses, pharmacists. The plan to service the Indian market is defi nitely there, but we are looking at the market selectively. We have participated in a couple of opportunities that emerged in the Indian market in the life insurance space. We are keen on working with the mutual fund companies in India in the financial services space.

What is your expertise in EMR development?

We have a good amount of expertise in the custom EMR development. The U.S market is less matured compared to some of the European clients that have more EMR, healthcare informatics and eHealth initiatives that are probably not being leveraged very well. Larger network of hospitals would probably get into custom EMR development. Netherlands is one of the leaders in health information exchange space, with high rate of electronic health record adaption that can be easily accessed by a network of physicians. In Sweden, too there is a bigger push from the state because of which a lot of health informatics initiatives are active. In U.K, we have already implemented a comprehensive product based solution for which the testing effort required deployment of a few hundred people as it is a highly complex product. So, with the kind of expertise we have, we are able to offer independent testing services as well. This is again an example of a technology based service driven out of the domain.

How many centres do you have in India and how are they positioned in terms of service offerings?

CSC operates out of seven centers in India. In terms of size, the largest centre is located in Noida and the second is in Chennai.

In terms of our healthcare practice, we operate from Chennai, Bangalore, Hyderabad and Noida. Our largest location in terms of headcount is Chennai that also hosts a dedicated offshore development center for one of our major provider client. Bangalore is our second largest location for Healthcare. In Bangalore, going to the history of healthcare vertical, we have come together as a combination of provider, payer and Life Sciences streams. Our thirdmajor location is a customer built location, that of a large Life Sciences  company.

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