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Antique Bank of Mobile Internet Devices (MID) innovation

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Paper Abstract
Dear Sir,
Adapting to the perils n threats posed by climate change and healthy/Nurturing
food for lower income group is the biggest challenge of our times today. Our
Ape&SuperApe Entertainment and InfoTech provides for well-adopted health
and wealth all risk adopted business functions provided on our hand held
device (MID) Green IT (IPO) Credentials are
following ways.
It is high time that every all house wife, caterer, industry, event organizer five
star hotel or restaurant fly kitchen/curser line institute and food suppler
services provider will have to Enter/Merge in our online/offline mobile common
kitchen with their every second harvest food extra uneatable or edible condition
will be attached our Food Banking on Mobile internet devices (MID) our Antique Bank or other bank A/C
holder will able to provide every hunger will get informing on own/others mobile
their nearest common kitchen spot or all banking ATM services will serve provide
to all hunger will be get 24/7 all time lowest cost food banking and transport
sharing (car pooling) systems attached extra wasted food deposit and
circulation every Antique Bank or Other Bank A/C holder mobile/unit user will be
get lowest cost Food it will be free hunger life improvement and easy to merge
into our Eco-consciousness Business portfolios as best (MID) unit systems solution
innovator of public policy maker for every Banking A/C holder or family and
public, private, government that will be enter/invest/ merge into no risk factor of
new venture capital microfinance Green IT (IPO) a hand held micro stock
exchange and banking of (MID) We are ready to adopt/barter any kind of
banking/non banking transaction will be merge in our (MID) systems We are ready to adopt your any kind of
risk /challenges is to every nation public, private and government have to
effecting economy slow down/environment care most banking risk, recovery,
victimization (farmer suicide) lack of food/money, poverty, health care, waste
management, high carbon product , business lost, at 24/7 on/offline any ware
anytime with we will be provide to whole life circle with our hand held value
added service of microfinance and insurances third party liability risk adoption
credentials on every your Banking A/C holder will be getting by our mobile
(MID) systems innovation advantage

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