Anaemia is still on rise despite a national programme to control since the seventies

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eHEALTH BureauDespite a dedicated national programme to control anaemia since the seventies, there has been negligible progress, a recent research found. According to Indicus Analytics, between 1998-99 and 2005-06, the incidence of anaemia actually increased in India. In 2007, the 12X12 initiative was launched to tackle iron deficiency on a war footing, with support from the central government, the Indian Council of Medical Research, the World Health Organisation, Unisef, the Federation of Obstetrics, the Gynaecological Societies of India and so on. The programme works in coordination with existing government schemes and aims at achieving haemoglobin levels of 12 g/dl by the age of 12 years by 2012. Though there is no country-wide data as yet to gauge the effectiveness of this programme, there are many projects that have picked up on the ground. What is more staggering is the fact that the incidence of moderate to severe anaemia in children is less than 25%  in just four states

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