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Google launches Health Speaks in Arabic, Hindi and Swahili

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eHEALTH BureauGoogle has launched Health Speaks – – a new initiative to try to increase the amount of online health information in languages other than English. The endeavour is to establish the fact that language should be the barrier that prevents access to high quality health information. As it is said that millions around the world are using the Internet to find high quality health information. But for many local communities, this valuable knowledge is locked away in languages they cannot understand. Health Speaks is an initiative to overcome language barriers to health by increasing the amount of online health information in local languages. Currently, the translation of health information is expensive and time-consuming. But it doesn’t have to be this way. Health Speaks will begin with pilot projects in Arabic, Hindi and Swahili. Bilingual volunteers are encouraged to translate health-related Wikipedia (EN) articles into one of these three languages, using the Health Speaks website and Google Translator Toolkit. The next step will be to consider expanding into other languages or using content from other sources. 

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