March 2010

Healthymagination Summit 2010

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The Healthymagination summit organized by GE Healthcare on February 15, 2010 in New Delhi witnessed a panel discussion comprising of eminent panelists from the healthcare industry and the launch of GE’s latest product backed by high-end technology�the Vscan.


The summit kicked off with a panel discussion that comprised of eminent panelists from the healthcare industry including�Dr. Narottam Puri, President � Medical Strategy and Quality, Fortis Healthcare Limited; Daljit Singh, President � Strategy and Organisational Development, Fortis Healthcare Limited, Shivinder Mohan Singh, Managing Director, Fortis Healthcare Limited, Dr. Harsh Mahajan, Medical and Managing Director, Mahajan Imaging Pvt. Ltd.; Dr Amarjit Singh, Executive Director, Population Stabilization Fund, Government of India; and V Raja,  President & CEO, GE Healthcare South Asia.

Moderated by Dr. Narottam Puri, the panel discussion focussed on the three A’s that can enhance and revolutionise the delivery of healthcare services-Accessibility, Affordability and Assurance.

The panelists discussed the various impediments towards growth of the health sector in India and the major bottlenecks that limit the delivery of top-class healthcare services to the masses.

The discussion was followed by the launch of the Vscan. The Vscan is a portable, battery-operated tool that houses powerful, ultra-smart ultrasound technology that provides clinicians with an immediate, non-invasive method to help secure visual information about what is happening inside the body.

Speaking at the summit, Mr. S Ganesh Prasad, Director – Ultrasound Business, GE Healthcare South Asia, said, “technology inventions can play a critical part in bridging these huge gaps that is deterring a healthy India. Healthcare in India is poised for new dimensions with the introduction of Vscan pocket visualization tool. We believe miniaturization of technology is the need of the hour for providing rapid access to advanced healthcare for more people at reduced costs. Recently we designed miniaturized ECG systems in India to provide care at the doorstep of people and today we have continued to move forward with Vscan”

Further Mr. V Raja, President & CEO, GE Healthcare South Asia, added “Vscan is a breakthrough innovation from GE Healthcare and has the potential to redefine frontline healthcare practice and patient management with its ability to give non-invasive, visual information of the inside body in real time. Vscan is designed to be complementary to the stethoscope � to help physicians go beyond what they can hear to what they can see. Vscan may become as critical as a stethoscope to a physician in helping to detect disease more quickly. We believe Vscan can reduce the need for more tests and referrals during physical examinations and could make healthcare more accessible to people in India.

Vscan naturally echoes our healthymagination commitment to bring high quality healthcare at lower cost to more people around the world”

With the capability of scanning upto 30 patients with its one hour battery back-up, the expected selling price of Vscan in India will be around Rs. 5.5 � 6 lakh.

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