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Philips and VU Medical Center signed long term research agreement

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An agreement has been signed between Royal Philips Electronics and the VU University Medical Centre for conducting a joint research on new multi-modality imaging solutions aimed at improving the early detection and treatment of diseases such as cancer and neurological and cardiovascular diseases. By combining data from different imaging modalities to increase the visibility of structures of interest and by mapping biological processes such as metabolism onto these images, new multi-modality imaging solutions could help clinicians to determine the presence and extent of many diseases at an earlier stage.

The diagnostic information could then help them to plan and guide minimally-invasive interventions. It is expected that such solutions will contribute to more timely and more personalized treatments for patients and thereby improve treatment success rates.  Both parties will work on the development and validation of next-generation medical imaging procedures, with projects focusing on nuclear imaging, especially Positron Emission Tomography (PET), and optical imaging techniques. For these modalities, the joint research projects will explore novel imaging agents (disease-specific contrast agents and tracers) and develop dedicated software for quantitative image analysis and user-friendly data presentation. Research programs for other imaging modalities are currently being prepared.

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