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GE Healthcare, Intel and Mayo Clinic to develop new models of health care delivery

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GE Healthcare, Intel Corporation and Mayo Clinic are committed to develop a new patient centred delivery care model for patients. Mayo Clinic will conduct a research to determine if home monitoring of patients with chronic diseases can be done using Intel’s remote patient monitoring technology. This will reduce hospitalisations and emergency department visits. With the numbers of seniors expected to rise dramatically and increasing numbers of patients experiencing chronic disease, the current focus on face-to-face clinic interaction with the provider is not a sustainable delivery model. Technology could enable new care models to help rein in costs and improve patient outcomes through personalized care and ongoing disease management at home and in the community.

The research study will involve 200 high-risk Mayo Clinic patients over sixty years of age. The goal is to evaluate the effectiveness of daily in-home monitoring technology in reducing hospitalizations and ED visits compared with usual medical care. Patients will measure their vital signs such as blood pressure, pulse and weight, and respond to questions specific to their diseases on a daily basis, with all data reviewed by the clinical care team working with their primary care provider. The technology, which also includes videoconferencing capability, allows the care team to assess the patient for signs and symptoms suggesting clinical deterioration to facilitate early medical intervention. The hope is that early recognition and treatment of a change in clinical status will reduce the need for ED visits and hospitalizations.

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