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Patient management system to be upgraded in Western Australia

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As a part of the state’s eHealth reform program, the Western Australian Department of Health is seeking upgradation of its patient management system. iSOFT’s Patient Manager (i.PM) hospital information system has been chosen by the department in hope to provide a flexible, cost-effective and fully integrated patient health record system across multiple hospitals.

The information system will be installed alongside already existing complimentary e-Health solutions at 13 sites, that include the i.Clinical Manager and the i.Pharmacy. Around 6,000 users will be able to access the system across the full range of administrative services from patient registration and referral, through waiting list management and bookings to inpatient attendances and outpatient scheduling. About to become nation’s first state to run iSOFT’s entire iSeries suite of solutions, Western Australia is all geared-up to install the system. There is also a possibility of the health department implementing the upgrade across as many as 68 rural sites.

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